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Re: [debian-devel] Re: Bits from the RM

A levelezőm azt hiszi, hogy Zenaan Harkness a következőeket írta:
> Can "requesting removal from archive" be automated, to occur say after 3
> weeks of inactivity of rc/grave/serious bug?
> As a DD, I assume there is some pride and/ or utility in having your
> package in the archive. This would give you a little "no nonsense"
> wakeup call I would guess. And if *even the packager themselves* do not
> have enough pride/ utility value in worrying at that point, then it is
> likely better to get removed.

Agreed. But beware, because we could end up with having a lot of
blue users and maintainers. To make the thing more efficient, a
good mental approach should be developed. Maybe making a request
for removal special in some ways? I think there are two things
to consider:
	-make the fact as public as possible, so both the userbase and
	the other developers be notified. Publicize at least two weeks
	before the deadline.
	-educate users and developers about how can they motivate the
	maintainer to do her job well: the RFR report should include
	a text explaining why the package would be removed, what
	one can do to prevent this, what is the right attitude when
	one communicates with the maintainer

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