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Re: apt-rpm article -- the features we don't have

Maybe I'm missing something, but none of this sounds like
functionality that a bit of parsing  out to other programs can't
solve, given that I do it locally for the systems in my lab.

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> Interesting article on LWN: http://lwn.net/Articles/60650/ (subscription
> required) In summary, apparently apt-rpm users can now do some things
> with apt that we cannot.
> To install a package directly, with apt downloading any necessary
> dependencies:
>   apt-get install rpmver-2.0-13498cl.i386.rpm

couldn't this just refer to dpkg --install ?

> Similarly, to check the build depends of a source package file:
>   apt-get build-dep apt-listchanges-1.49-11104cl.src.rpm


> Next is a bit about local repositories that work w/o a Packages file.
> Instead of needing to keep the Packages file up-to-date, apt just scans
> the rpm files in the local repository directory. Of course this needs a
> file:// repository. Sounds just a smidgen easier than using
> mini-dinstall.

if there is a directory, a temporary run of dpkg-scanpackages plus...?

> There is something vague about improvements in the "upgrading
> algorythm" that may or may not apply to us.
> There is a bit about an apt shell which sounds mildly interesting.
> The rest of the new features seem more applicable to rpm than to deb.
> At least the first three things I've mentioned above would be nice
> features to have in debian. Not killer, but nice. Of course apt-rpm is a
> branch/fork from out apt, so I wonder how long it will be before we do..
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> see shy jo

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