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Re: Revival of the signed debs discussion

John Goerzen wrote:
> Please check out the debsigs package.  I wrote it when I worked at
> Progeny back in 2001, and Branden Robinson maintains it these days.  It
> does exactly that.

Unfortunatly, the method debsigs uses to add the signature to the .deb
provuces a file that apt (including apt-ftparchive) does not consider to
be a debian package. This makes it kind of hard to upload the result to
the debian archive. :-(

I filed bugs about this a long time ago, it is apparently blocked
waiting on the mythical dpkg 2.0 which is supposed to have its own
external ar program that generates more valid debs. See the bugs of apt,
dpkg, and/or debsigs (I forget which, and am offline) for details.

I'm *sure* there is some way around it that does not involve waiting on
dpkg 2.0, of course, if someone has the energy to work on it.

see shy jo

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