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Re: Source only uploads? -- Survey evaluation


On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 14:50, Roland Stigge wrote:
> [...]
> Instead, I volunteer to host a small, unofficial and non-anonymous
> survey to get an impression of the community's opinion. If you are a
> Debian Developer, please send me a private mail with
>   "Source only uploads: Yes"
> or
>   "Source only uploads: No"
> in the subject. At the beginning of December, I will post the results,
> and if there is any doubt, I will disclose the list of names and votes.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much response to this. Maybe this is related
to the big Debian KO.

15 Developers participated (interestingly, without many of the most
verbose discussion participants, Wolfgang and me), 12 of which responded
with "Yes" (i.e. 80%). This seems to be a clear statement for (at least
the possibility of) source only uploads, but it can't be considered very

Meanwhile, I strongly suggest the utilization of pbuilder{,-uml} to
increase quality. Some developers (not the ones who participated here) I
talked with have never used these tools. Their usage will prevent many
of those stupid FTBFS bugs.



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