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Re: Debian IS for the enterprise (Was: Debian Enterprise?)

Scripsit Philip Brown <phil@bolthole.com>

> postfix is a clearly recognized leading mail program
> KDE is a clearly recognized leading desktop system

> Neither one would realistically be targetted for removal.
> It's all the miscellaneous also-ran junk that would be targetted, I would
> guess.

But which "miscellaneous also-ran junk" is actually holding up the
release? As far as I understand, what you speak of is the packages
where the release manager's policy should *already* be "drop from
testing rather than wait for RC bugs to be fixed".

The subset of the "miscellaneous also-ran junk" that is not actually
buggy in testing will not harm anyone by being distributed.

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                                 your trauma pray to their deity for death's
                         release. And when death doesn't arrive immediately,
                       they reject their deity and begin to beg to another."

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