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Re: KDE broken in sarge repository

On Sun, Nov 30, 2003 at 10:53:55AM +0330, Arash Bijanzadeh wrote:
> After ages I saw the last version of kde in the oficial debian repository of 
> sarge, immediately I removed my KDE3.1 and installed the officlal kde, but 
> there is a mess, kdelibs version is 3.1.4 but the rest is 3.1.3. It means you 
> cann't install the kde. It is just annoying why the base package of kde moved 
> to the last version and broked the dependency tree? When shall we expect the 
> full kde3.1.4 in the repository? it is really a tough kdeless world!

Er, on what grounds are you claiming that this is broken?  The
dependencies declared by these packages have specifically NOT been
broken in sarge: kdelibs 3.1.4 claims to provide a set of libraries that
are compatible with kdelibs 3.1.3, and it should be entirely possible to
run 3.1.3 versions of programs with the 3.1.4 libraries.  If you have
reason to believe otherwise, you'll need to be more specific (and file a
bug against the package in question).

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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