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Re: configuring lilo on package installation

You can normalize the image name by prefixing with something like "vmlinuz-"
and the run liloconfig that updates lilo.conf with the images found.

If you, for instance, call the image "vmlinuz-poweroff", liloconfig will
add the following:


You can take a look at the get_images function on /usr/sbin/liloconfig
(line 248 in the current version).

You can, obviously, customize this script.

Tobias Grimm <listaccount@e-tobi.net> writes:

> Hi!
> I'm working on a nvram-wakeup package for a Debian based VDR
> distribution (c't vdr). nvram-wakeup needs a special kernel-image, that
> forces a shutdown on the next reboot. Normally this image is installed
> to /boot and a new section has to be added to lilo.conf:
> image  = /boot/bzImage.poweroff
> label  = PowerOff
> It wouldn't be a problem to modify the lilo.conf in the maintainer
> script, but I'm not sure if this is the way this should be done.
> What's the best way to add a section to the lilo.conf during package
> installation (and remove it when uninstalling)?
> Thanks,
> Tobias
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