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Re: Debian Roadmap

On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 09:07:22PM -0700, Bdale Garbee wrote:
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> ksree@hp.com (KRISHNAPPA,SREEDHARAMURTHY HP-India,ex2) writes:
> > We would like to know the roadmap for the Debian distribution, for about a
> > year at least (more if possible). We need to plan accordingly for our
> > products' certification.
> As you may have gathered from the replies to your query so far, Debian 
> developers think about things like this a little differently than the
> commercial software distributors you may be accustomed to working with.
> I will be speaking at Linux Bangalore 2003 a week and a half from now.  
> Perhaps there will be an opportunity for me to help you (and others in HP 
> India!) better understand how to think about Debian in relation to HP 
> products while I'm in Bangalore...  ;-)

Not trying to be confrontational, but what are the legal implications of 
two employees of the same company getting together to discuss an open 
source project?  And, here's probably an easier question: what are the 
legal implications of working on open source at all?  I was always under 
the impression my employer owned every idea I had...

This is not a troll, it seems that unless you have specifically signed a 
contract with your employer permitting this a judge will likely rule the 
other way.

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