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Re: Users, groups, rights and apache please advice

Quoting Brian May (bam@debian.org):
> On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 05:01:31PM +0200, Thomas -Balu- Walter wrote:
> > IIRC maximum number is limited to 32 groups for a single user. Just in
> > case you are going to add more :)
> What happens if you exceed this limit?

We encountered this at $FIRM, a lamentable proprietary software concern
that was formerly a fairly decent Linux hardware company.  The 32-user
limit was at the time embedded in both the 2.4.x kernel series and in
glibc.  Attempts to assign group memberships beyond that number just
don't work.

I know that it was being removed from the 2.5.41 kernel code, last year,
in anticipation of its removal from glibc.  I don't know if the glibc 
people caught up with that, or not.

Note:  There are complications for NFS and NIS if group size gets big.
(One might argue that POSIX ACLs are a better solution?)

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