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Re: Bug#221806: ITP: mmsclient -- mms streaming media download utility

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 00:44, Wesley J. Landaker wrote:
> * Package name    : mmsclient
>   Description     : mms streaming media download utility

In this case it is OK to capitalise MMS, since it is an acronym (I

A little logic behind capitalisation rules: It should always be possible
to place the short description in a sentence such as $PACKAGE is a[n]
$DESCRIPTION without lowercasing the first letter. In cases where the
$DESCRIPTION should lead a sentence, the first letter can be
unconditionally uppercased without a problem.

> mmsclient is a simple client to download streaming audio and/or video media
> from the internet using the MMS protocol. Downloaded streams can then be
> replayed offline at your leisure, using any compatible media player of your
> choice (not included).

Do you have a definition of MMS? MultiMedia Stream? 

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