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Re: Help with init replacement

On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, Marc A. Pelletier wrote:
> Now /that/ is interresting and smart and is indeed likely the most promising 
> avenue for quick and dirty daemond integration in debian; the problem is that 
> from what I have understood, update-rc.d suffers from, by design, exactly the 
> same problem that rc.d style inits suffer from: no proper way of specifying 
> dependencies and ordering other than by asigning a cardinal and a set of 

update-rc.d needs either another interface layer, or a sister command to
register dependencies, alright.

Want to take on the job?  It must be made _very_ generic, a dependency-rc.d
(or whatever) that would allow us to plug daemond, as well as the other
dependency-based init script systems is very welcome.

Don't forget invoke-rc.d either, and if you are mucking with init itself,
also telinit.

> The *correct* way of doing all this, of course, is for packages to create 
> their own service definition file and install them (possibly through some 

Nope.  The correct way is to have a proper init system layer that can handle
static and dynamic dependencies.  I actually like the idea of service
definition files, as long as they are generic (but I quite dislike the idea
that one would probably need to run a update-dependency-rc.d or whatever
script to "transfer" what is in the files to whatever init system is in

> every package that possibly wants to add themselves to the bootstrap.  In 

No. You just have to add a "compatibility" service that runs the
non-dependency-based services as the stock sysv-init rc.d does.   Oh, OF
COURSE this doesn't give you all the imediate benefits, but it won't break
the entire system.

> other words, that can't be done before some time after daemond /already/ is 
> the de facto init process.

THAT won't happen easily.  OTOH, _IF_ a proper layer is written, tested and
deployed, it is feasible to switch all the packages to something that works
with it in optimal mode for the release after sarge.

We already have at least one very good dependency-based initscript system in
Debian, so daemond is not alone in its troubles.

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