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Re: Some observations regardig the progress towards Debian 3.1

On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 10:41:05AM +0100, Yann Dirson wrote:
> > testsuites must be written, and testsuites for GUI programs are even 
> > more work.
> Fortunately several of the packages we ship already have one.

Most do not.

> And for the bunch of non-gui programs, we could surely add some
> minimal testing, say to ensure it does not segfault on trivial use
> cases.  Just like what we already do for manpages.

"Could"? Yes. Do you have any notion of how much work this would be?
It's somewhere in the region of "lots". Actually writing real test
suites for them all would be more of a Herculean task.

> GUI programs are another story, but that's not a reason not to do it
> for non-GUI ones.

Right. It's a reason not to do any of it (test suites, or the
building/migration goo) for GUI programs.

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