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Re: Bug#220199: ITP: mecab -- a Japanese Morphological Analysis System

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 06:45, TSUCHIYA Masatoshi wrote:
> * Package name    : mecab
>   Description     : a Japanese Morphological Analysis System

Drop the leading 'a' and de-capitalise all words but "Japanese".

> Mecab is a morphological analysys system. It can segment and tokenize
> Japanese text string, and can output with many additional informations
> (pronunciation, semantic information, and others).  It will print the
> result of such an operation to the standard output, so that it can
> either written to a file or further processed.

The first two sentences (with some editing) belong in the description.
The last sentence belongs in the man page.

Here's how I'd start the description:

"Mecab is a morphological analysis system. It can segment and tokenize
Japanese text strings and can output many additional pieces of
information (pronunciation, semantic information, etc)."

More information that this should be added to the description, for
example mentioning what the strengths of Mecab are vs. the other
(potential?) morphological analysis systems.

By the way, the descriptions of ChaSen and JUMAN look *very* similar to
the proposed description of mecab. Should this be the case? All of my
comments apply to the descriptions of those packages too. More
information which differentiates the packages should be added.

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