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Re: MIPS port backlog, autobuilder machines and some arrogance

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 02:55:09PM +0100, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> Op vr 14-11-2003, om 11:34 schreef Ingo Juergensmann:
> [...]
> > As a result and a sort of protest, I´ll stopped my m68k buildd, because I
> > don´t know m68k that much to be of any help for this port anymore. Therefore
> > my m68k isn´t needed anymore as my offered mips machine isn´t needed for the
> > mips port or the Debian project at all.
> Ingo,
> I can understand why you're upset, but please do try not to make one
> port suffer for the actions of the people responsible for another port.
> The help arrakis has provided over the years has always been
> appreciated, and will be for as long as you provide the access; it would
> be a shame if this would be discontinued because of a difference in
> opinion you have with Ryan regarding the way autobuilding for the mips
> architecture should be handled.

So why does Ryan have the authority to reject more buildd's when he
obviously is overburdened to the point he doesn't respond to emails
(see Branden Robinson's post as an example). From an untrained eye the
mips buildd's seem to be building packages more or less fine just that
they were lagged by the human behind them. One example is kdelibs which
wasn't built for nearly a month due to what should have been a Dep-Wait
on a fixed libXrender, which was uploaded the same day mips attempted to
build kdelibs.


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