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Re: status of Progeny projects

Hi Ian:

I have been long time user of linux and I find the greatest weakness to be the ability to easily install applications which seems to be the intent of this group. I would like to make a suggestion with respect to handling of dependancies.

Most software installs fail as a result of missing libraries. I would like to see a central repository for all libraries, old, new and development. A repository that when a library dependancy needs to be satisfied, the installer be it RPM, APT or anyone elses, can automatically access and download the appropriate version of library required. This repository should only hold nothing but libraries, no software, no packages, just libraries with a searchable capability that one could also manually search and download ones needs.

With the version numbers used in linux there is no fear as there is in the other OS of overlaying and existing library that would result in the breaking of other software. It would be no problem to run the same library beside its earlier parent satisfying the need of all software.

Along with this there should be a tool that will allow the cleaning up of ones libraries based on lack of activity so that the directories holding libraries such as /lib can be safely maintained and kept from growing out of hand.

Thanks to all open source developers for the work that has and continues to be done.


Peter :-}

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