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Re: Bug#219582: ITP: linux -- Linux 2.4 kernel

Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
>  Package: kernel-image-2.4.23-1-i386
>  Version: 2.4.23-1
>     /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.23
>     /boot/System.map-2.4.23
>     /lib/modules/2.4.23/...
>  [ Here I'll just state that I don't know if the -1- bit in the package
>    name modifies the kernel version in any way because it's been ages
>    since the last time I used the official debian kernel images. ]

That bit of the package name represents changes made to the kernel that
break binary compatability with modules for the same version kernel. For
example, changing the C compiler used to build it.

see shy jo

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