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Re: ftpmaster accepts packages that have been rejected a few days ago

Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> writes:
> There are in fact multiple people who fill the role of ftpmaster; this
> package may have been processed by someone entirely different, who had a
> different opinion on the situation.

Just to remind everybody, when there are several people filling a
single role and acting separately, it is important for all of them to
be on the same page. For example, I act as a co-maintainer for the
sfnet.* Usenet hierarchy (the major Finnish hierarchy) together with
another maintainer. Either of us can process newgroup requests but when
a request has been processed it will stay processed.

Granted, the decision space is much smaller (say a couple of dozens of
suggestions per year) than ftpmaster's decision space.

Of course, if it is clear to everybody that submitting a new package
to the fptmasters results in random behaviour and resubmitting a
REJECT is an accepted practice, then please ignore the above text :)

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