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Re: Bug#219582: ITP: linux -- Linux 2.4 kernel

Robert Millan <zeratul2@wanadoo.es> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 12:19:33AM +1100, Jamie Wilkinson wrote:
>> What I'd really like to see is some packages uploaded to your home
>> on gluck, because this thread isn't advancing *anyones* arguments.

> I did that a few days before sending the ITP:

>  http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/debian-devel-200311/msg00204.html

> But noone responded. One could wonder why everyone who pointed out problems
> in my package in the ITP didn't send the mail before.. oh well.

Speaking for me because I took the original pre-ITP mail as "Well I
had some time to spare and thought it would be nice experiment to
enhance my packaging knowledge. - I have repacked the Linux
Kernel for my personal use with CDBS, please check."

Except for the (at least for me) incomprehensible

| However, I feel that an option for newbie users to "install & forget"
| just like we do for every Debian package is missing for what the Linux
| kernel is concerned.

there was no notion of making this more than a private
            cu andreas
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