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Re: Removal of LaTeX2HTML from main


some additional info:

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 16:54, Adrian Bunk wrote to #204684:
> after reading through #204684, I'd suggest a different approach for 
> latex2html:
> - move latex2html to non-free without renaming it
> - file RC bugs against packages in main build depending on latex2html
> Rationale:
> latex2html doesn't change it's name. As you said, your wrapper script 
> produces a different output, so a silent change isn't user-friendly.
> It will still take many months until Debian 3.1 will be released, and 
> a small number of usually easy to fix or at least easy to work around 
> bugs shouldn't do much harm.
> According to your list, only 5 packages need to be changed to use TeX4ht 
> and 6 packages might simply have to drop the build dependency. All the 
> other packages listed need under all circumstances manual intervention.
> IOW: Easy changes to 11 packages are needed, the bigger problems in
> 25 other packages aren't affected by my proposal.

Good idea. My priority was to minimize the number of RC bugs. But
considering that the aforementioned additional RC bugs are the least
difficult ones (and they are still a small minority), I will possibly
follow your suggestion.



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