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Re: Bug#219582: ITP: linux -- Linux 2.4 kernel

On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 02:58:58PM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> > 
> > No. It will go to unstable. Then pass through the standard process we have
> > in Debian to determine wether a package is suitable for stable or not.
> The only more stupid thing I can imagine in this scope is uploading a
> package called "debian" or "gnu".

1) You said before you were concerned about my package occupiing the package
namespace in the archive. The fact that you don't like the name of my package
proves your previous argument was intentionaly bogus.

2) I use the upstream name. If you don't like it, bitch upstream.

> I hope that FTP master won't sleep
> while auditing your upload and put a wall between you and the unstable
> archive.

The FTP masters will have to dig through the smoke curtain you and others
attempted to rise. Fortunately, there are two reasons why this shouldn't be
a problem:

- The current Linux kernel maintainer welcomes my work:

- Noone managed to beat the advantages I listed before:

Robert Millan

"[..] but the delight and pride of Aule is in the deed of making, and in the
thing made, and neither in possession nor in his own mastery; wherefore he
gives and hoards not, and is free from care, passing ever on to some new work."

 -- J.R.R.T, Ainulindale (Silmarillion)

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