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Re: Bug#219719: ITP: gnome-jabber -- A Jabber client for GNOME

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 11:19, Sebastian D.B. Krause wrote:
> I'll provide an official package as soon as Gnome Jabber 0.4 is
> released. A first package for testing has been created and is available
> at <http://buug.de/~sheskar/debian/>. At the moment it is a native
> Debian package because it is based on a CVS snapshot, but this will be
> changed when 0.4 is released.

As you can read in <http://gnome-jabber.sourceforge.net/>, the main
developer of gnome-jabber has joined the Gossip project and is not going
to do further Gnome Jabber development.

"Bugs and issues with Gnome Jabber will still be fixed, but new features
will not be implemented"

I've already sent this message to bugs.debian.org but forgotten to sent
it here

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