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Re: Version Updating Question

Mark Johnson <mrj@debian.org> wrote:
> I'm updating the docbook-simple package from V1.0cr2 to V1.0. Since
> 1.0cr2 > 1.0, I'm not sure how to handle the situation.

> Policy & the Developers Reference imply that I upload V1.0 and file a
> bug against ftp.debian.org to have V1.0CR2 removed from the
> archive. This seems like an odd way to do it. 

Please give an exact reference, if Policy & the Developers Reference
imply this it is a bug that needs to fixed. Packages are only removed
from the archive if they are removed permanently.

Removing the package from the archive would not solve the problem,
because anybody who has already 1.0CR2 would not be upgraded
automatically if the new upload had a lower version-number.

> Also, I'd rather not give V1.0 a version like 1.0really - unless I
> 'really' have to:)

You can choose whether to use something like 1.0.rel or an epoch.
      cu and- I would not use an epoch unless I was forced to,
           ugly package versions go, epochs stay forever -reas

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