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Re: Re: Re: Advices on choosing a documentation license for an upstreamproject

Joe Buck wrote, in http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/debian-devel-200311/msg00376.html:

The GPL requires that anyone who receives the work also either receives
the source for the work (the preferred form for making changes), or...

Not quite; it requires that anyone *given* the work is also *given* the source... as you note below, they can decline to take it.

>If he declines to take the
>source, he can't pass it on (unless he wants to sign up for the >three-year offer or somehow obtain the source).

Actually, the first sale doctrine applies. He can pass it on, he just can't pass on a *copy*.

If he wants to pass on a copy, he can darn well find the source or the written offer (since he was offered one of them).

>You might want to add an exception to the GPL for your documentation,
>saying that a distributor is exempt from including source if they
>leave in a notice saying where on the web the latest source can be
>found, otherwise they must fully comply. The license would still be >GPL-compatible.

Perfectly reasonable exception, although I'd add that the distributor should guarantee that the source *can* be found on the web at that location for three years. ;-) Which gets us pretty close to the written offer again....

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