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upstream takeover of wmacpi

hello list..

in short: i want your blessing. :)

well, some of you might be aware of some problems with wmacpi, see also
the bug list at debian:

meanwhile, simon fowler has developed a new version of wmacpi (but very
similiar) which is to be found under http://himi.org/wmacpi-ng/.
tim copperfield, original upstream, has been quite unresponsive for some
time, if not somewhat missing. simon tried to contact him and got no
response. i tried it myself a year ago without success, when supplying a
small patch i had written.

some weeks ago, simon asked around if some people would mind the
takeover of wmacpi, by naming wmacpi-ng to wmacpi 2.0. no one complained
about that so far and the program itself got positive feedback.

so my question is, if any one of you would mind the takeover, and thus
installing wmacpi-ng which would be renamed to wmacpi 2.0. and if you mind,
please explain why (and possible solutions to this conflict).

thanks in advance,

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