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ITP: paxtest

The license is GPL.  It's the test program for PaX by Peter Busser.

 PaX is a Linux kernel patch which adds much stricter control on how memory
 is being used by applications. A normal Linux kernel leaves the control to 
 application and does not implement any enforcement. Especially buffer 
 attacks benefit from the absense of kernel enforced memory control. PaX tries
 to do its best to enforce this control of memory used by applications, 
 making it harder to succesfully exploit buffer overflows.
 Furthermore, it adds several randomisations, which also make it harder for
 buffer overflows to succeed.
 The test programs test all this functionality, but not all PaX functionality
 is covered.
 For more information about PaX, see http://pageexec.virtualave.net/.

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