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New/temporary sponsor for backup2l needed

Hello everybody,

I am the maintainer (and author) of the package "backup2l" (http://packages.qa.debian.org/b/backup2l.html), which has so far been sponsored by Chris Davis.

For some reason, Chris did not reply to e-mails or upload new versions for the past two months, and I do not whether he is able to continue the sponsorship.

Meanwhile, I released two new versions at sourceforge.net including fixing all bugs filed in the Debian BTS and another critical bug reported to me directly that may cause restore operations to fail.

As the official maintainer, I feel responsible to keep the Debian package up to date. It would be really nice to see the latest version 1.3 (which besides bug fixes does not contain any major changes) going into the upcoming stable release instead of old version currently in testing/unstable.

Is there anybody willing to upload backup2l 1.3? The full source, a .dsc, and a .deb file can be found together with all documentation at http://sourceforge.net/projects/backup2l/.

Thanks in advance,


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