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Re: Bug#218073: ITP: dvdrtools -- DVD writing program

On Tue, 2003-10-28 at 18:10, Julien Delange wrote:
>  dvdrtools is a fork of cdrtools/cdrecord with suport for writing
>  to DVDs

Rather than mentioning the pedigree of dvdrtools (which can more easily
be stored in a README), it's probably best to specifically mention what
dvdrtools supports. For reference, here is the cdrecord description:

| cdrecord allows you to create CDs on a CD recorder.
| It supports writing data, audio, mixed, multi-session, and CD+
| discs, on just about every type of CD recorder out there.

I would suggest, if it is technically accurate, the following

"dvdrtools allows you to create both CDs and DVDs using recorders for
both formats. It supports writing data, audio mixed, multi-session, CD+,
{insert DVD+RW, DVD+R, etc format war here} on most types of CD and DVD

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