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Tasksel and Custom Debian Distributions


I had a privat discussion about #186085 and how to proceede with
the other Custom Debian Distributions in tasksel.  In general there
is no special reason to list Debian-Jr in tasksel and ignore all
other Custom Debian Distributions.  Thus we should find a reasonable
trade-off to handle all of them equal because the current situation
is confusing our users.  Tasksel is one of the first interfaces
for the end user when installing Debian and it should definitely
not be confusing.

The main problem is that not all Custom Debian Distributions will
fit on the first CD.  I would like to propose the following:

  1. For Sarge Release:
     List all Custom Debian Distributions which claim to be
     "ready for it" under an apropriate named section.
     Live with the fact that the user has to change CDs in
     some cases (which is not hard) while we know that there
     are more installation methods which do not add this
     extra "pain" to the user.  If necessary place a hint
     at an apropriate place.

  2. After Sarge:
     Add a priority feature to tasksel which enables to give
     those Custom Debian Distributions a lower priority and
     handle CD change right.  It would be ideal to have even
     priorities for single Packages of certain tasks.

Any comments?

Kind regards


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