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Dear , sir
My name is Pastor Samanya Wilberforce, iam based in Uganda,
Kampala of which i entirely spread the work of our Lord Jesus from My
church wich is situated in a town known as Kajjansi and for this
reason, i
came up with a Christian Ministry like yours, which is known as ''Joint
Effort Christian Mission''.
The reason, why i have written to you is to get to know more of how
conduct your work and may be get some advise i can use to grasp all the
Missonary work ahead of me based on the task that its one of tghe
reasons why Jesus came to do and we as the believers, we are
responsible for conducting this work to the non-believers. I wanted to
also the information how your missionary works and organises
programmes and how you can help me to come up with something very
standard of which i can comply and go on with the mission of spreading
the Gospel. Sincerely, i have put in enough effort to do all it takes
to come
up with quite a very big misson which is by the way doing good and
is very commited to the work its doing. Iam glad to tell you that so
far, we
have already more than 350 + people and more are coming up, and by
time when i get the correct ways i can generate to come up with a
number of this 350+ people , believe me, i will be so happy and so
gracious for this
I have a blessing we can send to you in that i will have to salute
you as
the sister misions doing the number one cause of the spreading the
Gospel. So i will hope that you do a lot to help a little more people
to know
more about the Words of Jesus Christ.
To tell you more about the target we have for my mission, i would
like to
first commit myself in the spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ with in
country boundaries and there after by the grace of God, i will have to
up so many branches to do the spread ing to the neighbouring countries
like Kenya, Tanzania,Rwanda and Sudan of which countries, i myself i
want to first of all go to Rwanda where so many creatures of God are
doing all it takes to shade blood with in themselves. Pray to God so
He the almighty, may help them stop this barbaric acts. I would
propose much to go to the North of our country and thats the
country called Sudan where a lot of our fellow brothers and sisters in
Christ are butchered and mistreated with no justice under the shadow of
Jesus Christ the savior. So all in all, i have not so much wanted to
suppliment a lot more about my link but i would like to get assistance
may be partnership for this noble cause from so many
group missions around the world. But i would be so much happy if at
you become one of us so that we go hand in hand to get this work done.
have to tell you that i will be on alert w ith this mission, and death
will not
stop me to do this kind of work for the people in Uganda and around
Uganda. So any assistance will be highly appreciated to get me going
with this mission and we shall be very happy if positive results are
certainly got from your mission because we believe that the best can
come from a brother or sister but not from the enemy. May Gd the Al
bless you and the entire nation. God Belss you all.
 Touch the Nation Together. and more we need from  you is to help or orphanes becouse there poor and need any help from you soo  we will be greet full and in jusus's name to help us we request any king of spport from you
Yours Fathfully,
Pastor kennedy matovu &
pastor samanya wilberforce
conjuction with the
P.O. BOX 14039
PHONO  (256) 77 461214.(Mobile)

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