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Re: Bug#217521: ITP: gtk-imonc -- A Client for the one-diskette router `fli4l', using Gtk-2

Johannes Rohr <j.rohr@gmx.de> said:

> Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net> writes:
>> Johannes Rohr wrote:
>>>   Description     : A Client for the one-diskette router `fli4l', using Gtk-2
>> "client for the one-diskette router fli4l"
> Right, thanks. But shouldn't the first word be capitalized?


>>> GTK-Imonc is a graphical client for FLI4L, a popular one-diskette
>>> Linux-based router for small networks that offers many advanced
>>> features (see http://www.fli4l.de/). Gtk-Imonc connects to the
>>> imond server (the controlling daemon) on the router. It uses
>>> Gtk-2.0 and integrates well into the Gnome desktop. (Seperate
>>> clients for KDE and WindowMaker also exist)
>> I think you can change the last sentence to "It integrates well into
>> the GNOME desktop (separate clients which integrate well into KDE
>> and WindowMaker also exist)."
> You mean GNOME has to be all upper case?

Theoretically it has, as it is an acronym. But the main point is,
IMHO, avoiding to provide developer-targetted information like the
graphical toolkit used.

> Maybe. But since they are not in Debian (and I don't intend to package
> KDE software since I don't use KDE myself), I'd rather give an URL
> where a listing of those clients can be found.

Hum, this kind of information, IMHO, should go in the README, not in
the package description.

Knowing that similar software exists does not really describe this one.

Mathieu Roy

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