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Re: cpufreqd: different config file for kernel 2.4 and 2.6

Op vr 24-10-2003, om 13:11 schreef Mattia Dongili:
> Hi,
> I'm packaging the new upstream version of cpufreqd (1.1-rc1) and I have
> a problem with the default configuration file to provide.
> The story:
> in kernel 2.4 CpuFreq interface (/proc/cpufreq) you can input
> frequencies as percent or Hz values
> in kernel 2.6 (/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/*) you can only use
> Hz values.
> Now, if I provide percent based cpufreqd.conf it won't be 2.6
> compatible, but provinding a Hz based config file is meaningless for
> most systems.

If you provide it statically, yes. Check out /proc/cpuinfo; especially
look for a line such as this one:

cpu MHz         : 2194.424

(you may want to round some numbers, but you get the idea)
Wouter Verhelst
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