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one more meaningless ChangeLog

Following is a mail sent to bug report #196853. Debian-devel was in
Cc, because it is more time an issue previously discussed on
debian-devel, however I made a mistake in the address in Cc (weird).

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I have the problem detailled in bug #182586 with wmakerconf.

This bug is related to the bug #196853, a bug of libgdk_pixbuf2.

The last comment on this bug (#196853) of the wmakerconf maintainer
is the following: 

        "So my choices are these:

        - convince you to use libpng3/12 (clearly not going to happen) 
        - convince the wmaker (source package of libwraster2)
          maintainer to uselibpng2/10 (also highly unlikely)
        - live with the fact that wmakerconf and gtk-engines-eazel are 

          Looks like I'm stuck with the third, so I tagged bug 182586
          as "wontfix". Sorry for my waste of bandwidth,"

But suddenly the bug #196853 got closed via the ChangeLog with the
following message :

           gdk-pixbuf (0.22.0-3) unstable; urgency=low
               * Rebuild (closes: #196853)
               * Link libgnomecanvaspixbuf with gdk_pixbuf.la (closes:

What does it mean? A "rebuild" close the bug???? Was it the only
problem? Is that bug truly fixed or is it an implicit wontfix?

Please, gdk-pixbuff maintainer, show some respect for the numerous
persons that reported that bug and provided information about it -- do
not close that bug with a so meaningless message.

Mathieu Roy

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