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Re: Source only uploads?

Paul Hampson dijo [Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 02:19:53PM +1000]:
> Oh, now we've gotten the "build packages against Testing" debate
> intermingled with the "autobuild everything" debate? At least, that's
> how I read that last paragraph...
> I was _expecting_ (based on the rest of the email) that you meant
> building against unstable as of the testing-candidate time to pick up
> newer dependancies having been uploaded in the meantime (which I can
> understand might help with packages keeping newer dependancies out of
> testing)
> However, I think that would both load the autobuilders and delay
> the entire testing process, as _all_ arches would need to rebuild
> the package twice (unless you propose candidates become valid
> without being built on all architectures) and of course, the time
> between valid candidicy and sarge+1-ing would allow the possible
> skew to reoccur, solving nothing.
> Maybe someway of tracking dependancies and knowing when the package
> needs to be auto-rebuilt against a newer dependant package would help,
> but that seems orthogonal to _this_ discussion.

Yes, part of my reasoning was done while writing the message :-)

I know this seems to solve nothing, although I insist it does - It
would require, yes, more autobuilder time. It would noticeably speed
up packages entering testing. I know, this would require -as you say-
tracking dependencies and probably auto-rebuilding versions that are
already in Testing when newer versions of their dependencies enter
Testing, and breakage can occur along the road, but I think it would
be a worthy idea - If we can spare the extra building time it will
require, specially on slow architectures. Or (although I understand
some of the concerns against it) autobuilding using cross-compilers. 


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