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Debian Workshop in São Paulo - Brazil

For the news: :)

The local Debian User Group in São Paulo is organizing a one-day
Debian Workshop to happen on Oct 25. The presentations were selected
by a group which reviewed the proposals collected after a Call 
For Papers was issued last month.

The english version of the press release is included in this mail,
further details on the speakers and their presentations is available
at http://www.debian-sp.org/oficina2003 , unfortunately, the details
are available only in Portuguese.


		   II Debian Workshop in São Paulo
		       São Paulo - SP - Brazil

The Debian-BR[1] project  through the São Paulo State Debian User Group 
 - Debian-SP[2] and IBTA[3] (Brazilian Advanced Technologies Institute) 
invite you to the II Debian Workshop in São Paulo, on October 25, 2003.
The workshop consists of four presentations with hands-on demonstrations
of concepts, tutorials and practices using the Debian GNU/Linux

The presentations will be of interest not only to Debian professionals 
or enthusiasts, but also to people who want to know more about the use 
and admnistration of free (as in speech) operating systems in general.

	8:40h  - Welcome Coffee
	9:00h  - Workshop:  Debian Kernel Maintainance 
                 Speaker: Gustavo Noronha e Silva<kov@debian.org>

	10:20h - Break

	10:40h - Workshop: Software QoS, a cheap and effective way to
			   control bandwidth on IP networks using Debian
                 Speaker:  Alessandro O. Ungaro <x-arnie@ccpbr.org>
	12:00h - Lunch
	14:00h - Workshop: Making Music with Debian GNU/Linux
	         Speaker: Eduardo Marcel Maçan <macan@debian.org>
	15:20h - Coffee Break
	15:40h - Workshop: High Performance e-mail servers	
	         Speaker: Michelle Ribeiro <michelle@cipsga.org.br>
	17:00h - Reserved for keysigning.
	18:00h - End

Attendance is free of charge, but the number of participants is
Reservations by phone +55-11-5081-9700

       IBTA - Instituto Brasileiro de Tecnologia Avançada
       Rua Vergueiro 1759 (next to Paraíso subway station)
       Vila Mariana - São Paulo - SP
       Tel: (11) 5081-9700
[1] http://www.debian-br.org
[2] http://sp.debian-br.org
[3] http://www.ibta.edu.br


"If you have an apple and I have  an apple and we  exchange apples then
you and I will still each have  one apple. But  if you have an idea and I
have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two
ideas." -- George Bernard Shaw                  macan at debian dot org

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