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Re: Bug#215945: ITP: etw -- arcade-style soccer game

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003, Sam Hocevar wrote:

> * Package name    : etw
>  Eat The Whistle is an arcade soccer game similar to famous Amiga titles such
>  as Kick Off or Sensible Soccer. It features several game modes where you can
>  play either as the whole team or as a single player, and you can also manage
>  teams that take part in cups and leagues. There is even an arcade mode with
>  powerups and bonuses, like in the game SpeedBall 2.

   The game is really great, but has still many bugs. I don't want to
upload it in unstable until I have improved the overall stability, but
in the meantime you can find my preliminary packages here:

     deb http://sam.zoy.org/projects/debian sid main
     deb-src http://sam.zoy.org/projects/debian sid main

   (The data package is 11 MB, be warned)


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