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Re: Hardcoding of .la file paths in .la files

* Daniel Kobras 

| If you ever tried to get, say, ten static libs in the right order
| for a medium-sized application, you know what tedious task I'm
| taking about. From my personal point of view, removal of .la files
| would significantly degrade Debian's usability as a build platform.

You can also be lazy and just use --start-group and --end-group
(though note the last paragraph):

  --start-group archives --end-group
      The archives should be a list of archive files.  They may be either
      explicit file names, or -l options.

      The specified archives are searched repeatedly until no new
      undefined references are created.  Normally, an archive is
      searched only once in the order that it is specified on the
      command line.  If a symbol in that archive is needed to resolve
      an undefined sym- bol referred to by an object in an archive
      that appears later on the command line, the linker would not be
      able to resolve that ref- erence.  By grouping the archives,
      they all be searched repeatedly until all possible references
      are resolved.

      Using this option has a significant performance cost.  It is
      best to use it only when there are unavoidable circular
      references between two or more archives.

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