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Re: Help needed: builds eating all memory

On Sat, Oct 11, 2003, Adam Majer wrote:
> >    What can I do? Ask the buildd admins to add more swap? I would be
> > happy to cross-compile the packages (they don't require any arch-specific
> > bootstrapping) but I don't have enough hard drive space to build a cross-
> > compiler.
> Whatabout removing the -O2 switch? It can save some compilation time and
> memory for very large files..

   Okay, I'll try that. If it works, I'll have at least these packages
in testing and I'll be able to investigate a bit more.

> How much RAM are we talking about here anyway? What is the memory usage
> on your machine and on the machines in question?

   On my x86 g++ eats about 200 MB. I didn't have access to the other
architectures to check, but my feeling is that the memory usage is
proportional to the number of registers, and MIPS have 32 registers (OK,
only 18 to 24 are really usable) while x86 only has 8, which can
indicate that g++'s memory usage will be even higher on MIPS.


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