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Bug#215353: ITP: bincimap-run -- IMAP server for Maildir depositories

 As an alternative to existing similar IMAP servers, Binc IMAP strives to
 be very easy to use, but robust, stable and secure. It aims at being
 absolutely compliant with the IMAP4rev1 protocol, and simple and modular
 in design, making it very easy for third parties to utilize the source
 code and enhance the product.
 This package sets up the bincimaps service to listen on using
 the ipsvd and runit package, and additionally provides a service directory
 to easily enable a bincimap service without SSL support.

A bincimap package already is in the Debian archive, and currently
enables an imaps service through inetd automatically.  The package
provides the virtual package 'imap-server', and conflicts with other
packages providing 'imap-server'.  This makes it rather difficult to
have multiple imap servers installed on a system simultaneously, even
though there are actually no namespace conflicts.  The only conflict
generally is that packages providing 'imap-server' listen on the same
local socket.

I intend to package bincimap-run to enable users to have the bincimap
programs installed next to other imap servers on their systems, and so
to run different imap servers on different local addresses if desired,
without forcing the package management system.  If not desired, the user
can install the bincimap-run package that automatically sets up the
imaps service.

So when introducing the bincimap-run package, the bincimap package will
change to not enable any service automatically, and will no longer
provide/conflict with 'imap-server', but the new package will.

I've already done this with the socklog and twoftpd packages, see these
package sources for details if you're interested.

Regards, Gerrit.

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