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Removing python-pygresql and libpqpp packages

This is not strictly orphaning, more infanticide.  I'm not sure
conventional orphaning fits, since the source package is not being

The PostgreSQL python interface (python-pygresql) has been separated
upstream into its own source tree.  Since it no longer needs to be built
with postgresql itself, and since I do not use python, the python
binaries will no longer be built when postgresql 7.4 is released (in a
few weeks).

Some python developer therefore needs to create new source packages for
python-pygresql and the related python2.x-pygresql packages.

I also intend to stop building libpqpp and libpqpp-dev, which provide
the obsolete libpq++ library.  libpqxx is a much better C++ interface
and packages that depend on libpqpp ought to be converted to use
libpqxx.  If anyone still wants to use libpq++, he needs to create a
source package for it.

The sources for pygresql and libpq++ are available from

libpqpp and libpqpp-dev: none that I know of
libpgsql2 (obsolete; contains libpq++): trafstats
python-pygresql:  cherrypy (suggests)

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