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Re: Quote: Debian and Democracy at Advocato.org

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 08:06:46AM -0500, Vince Mulhollon wrote:
> I will admit I was one of the four sponsors, based on my theory that
> the best way to make someone be nice, is to be nice to them, as what
> goes around comes around.  Golden rule and all that.
> In retrospect, perhaps that technique has not been entirely successful.

It's always good to temper one's optimism with a little realism.  Some
people just won't play nice.  Just like how in school the worst bullies
*knew* that you'd been told the old saw "just ignore them and they'll go
away", and so deliberately kept up their idiocy far beyond any human
limits of patience.

It's called gaming the system.  Such people, if they have intelligence,
often grow up to become mutual fund managers.

> Anyway, I'd like to publically say no one ever tried to "scare me out" 
> or any B.S. like that.  I find that claim Very Very Hard to believe.

Damn, the horse's head in the bed didn't work?  :)

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