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Re: Language extensions in programs under /usr/bin

Marco Paganini wrote:

>  I'm packaging a Python program called "ask" for distribution. Currently,
>  the main executable is called "ask.py". It seems unusual (and why not say,
>  *ugly*) to have the language extension added to the program, but in this
>  case, it was a deliberate decision to avoid clash with any other programs
>  ("ask" is a pretty common name) under /usr/bin. What is the Debian policy
>  on this? What would be the best approach, to leave the program as "ask.py"
>  (unusual) or rename it to "ask" (possibility of name conflicts and breakage
>  of existing installations)?

Please rename it to 'ask' or to something better.
See debian-policy thread (msgid <1i2--D.A.tlC.9-Bo-@murphy>)

<<policy should frown on programs in PATH with language extentions (ie, .pl)>>

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

Imagine a large red swirl here. 

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