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Re: Kernel source 2.4.22 and ipvs problems

On Monday 06 October 2003 19:38, Bao C. Ha wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 07:12:03PM +1000, Herbert Xu wrote:
> Hi Herbet,
> If I want both the freeswan module capability and IPVS, how should
> I proceed.

You need kernel hacker skills to do that. Even if these patches both apply 
cleanly each after other, then this is still not a sign that the resulting 
kernel (compiled from these sources) will work correctly, because you might 
hit lots of logical/semantics errors inside the source tree and so on. As of 
2.4.22 still these patches are not intended to work together ... In any way a 
proper merging is needed. Go ask on LKML or wait for further kernel releases 
where these patches may be merged correctly to work together.

> > Bao C. Ha <bao@hacom.net> wrote:
> > > I am trying to patch the kernel 2.4.22 and got into troubles.  It seems
> > > that the Debian kernel has been patched to do away the pmtu field of
> > > the struct dst_entry (include/net/dst.h).
> > >
> > > Any sugegstions on how to get it working again.  The last working
> > > Debian kernel with IPVS is 2.4.20.
> >
> > You can either use a vanilla kernel, or unapply the IPSEC patch as
> > documented in the README.Debian file.

Sorry but this is not true and your documentation is misleading ! You have 
already known that your ipsec patch can't even be unapplied cleanly, and it 
is documented for kernel-source-2.4.22-2 in #213987... This is not corrected 
for kernel-source-2.4.22-3 (which is in sid now) and very likely it will not 
be corrected in the future. I'm not sure how many users are going to trust 
such broken source trees... Then you leave these users the only option of 
downloading the kernel from kernel.org or svn'ing it from kernel.bkbits.net 
and patching it as they want.

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