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Re: On package description quality

Tom Badran <tb100@doc.ic.ac.uk> a tapoté :

> On Sunday 05 October 2003 15:45, Tom wrote:
> > I disagree.  GUI apps in Linux are so wildly disparate that knowing the
> > basic architecture is pretty important for me to decide whether or not I
> > want it.
> I second that, i consider that a very good guideline for how likely a package 
> is going to integrate well with a particular DE. It also allows me to quickly 
> determine that some package will have a major cascading dependency tree that 
> i may or may not have installed. I also frequently will do a search for say 
> "kde mail client" or such like and having kde/gtk/whatever in the description 
> helps greatly on this.

KDE in the description makes more sense, IMHO, than Qt. The same goes
for GTK+ and GNOME.

A user should know which enviromnent he picked -- while he may totally
ignore that KDE is using Qt, for instance.

Descriptions should only care, I think, about full desktop environment,
not toolkit -- defined GUI style instead of libraries. If a software
is only GTK+, not _for_ GNOME, there are many reasons to believe that
this software does not follow the "tremendous" UI of GNOME.


Mathieu Roy
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