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Re: summary of the Oldenberg d-i debcamp (and release plans)

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):

(debian-installer status summary in -devel and -boot. -i18n and
-l10n-french added to CC)

> Finally, and most important, we need a plan for how we will prepare d-i
> for the first test cycle. So we tried to come up with one. This was
> probably the hardest question of the whole meeting, and this is only a
> provisional plan.


At which step do you think that all "to be translated" stuff will be
frozen ? 

The translations teams are currently running after the d-i team
changes, with the help of Denis Barbier's scripts, but this is
currently a constant work as many templates often change even for
minor things.

Of course, there are perfectly valid reasons for the changes (and I
even have some myself : for instance the use of 1st person in
templates which I don't find really "professionnal")....but a freeze
is needed here, I think.

Speaking for the french team, on behalf of its "leaders", Denis
Barbier and Martin Quinson (as well as Pierre Machard who commits the
changes in d-i CVS), we probably need about one week after
templates freeze for making a very final review and commiting the
changes to fr.po files....

This may differ for other teams, which have often far less

PS : I'll temporarily subscribe to debian-boot so that following all
this become easier for me. I guess Pierre Machard and Denis Barbier
are also subscribers to this list.

Some other l10n teams members should probably try to follow -boot for
a while, I guess, if that's not already done.

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