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Re: Building kernel modules for stock kernels is a hell of a job!

#include <hallo.h>
* Nicolas Boullis [Mon, Sep 29 2003, 11:42:59PM]:

> On Mon, Sep 29, 2003 at 01:43:05PM -0400, David Z Maze wrote:
> > I don't consider it a bug.  I do think the kdist and kdist_image
> > targets should reinvoke make under $(ROOT_CMD), though, just to be
> > sure.  The i2c-source debian/rules file has:

It is not a bug - there is AFAICS no way to tell make to run a rule
_twice_. You cannot say:

kdist_image: clean kdist_configure binary-modules clean

and expect the last "clean" in the list to be executed. Even the order
of the rules execution is not guaranteed when -j is used.

> > kdist:
> >         $(ROOT_CMD) $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) -f debian/rules binary-modules
> >         dpkg-genchanges -b -e"$(KMAINT) <$(KEMAIL)>" -u"$(KSRC)/.." > $(CHFILE)
> >         debsign -e"$(KMAINT) <$(KEMAIL)>" $(CHFILE)
> >         $(ROOT_CMD) $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) -f debian/rules clean

Just for the record, module-assistant includes such things ready to be
sourced by other Makefiles.

> > kdist_clean:
> >         $(ROOT_CMD) $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS) -f debian/rules clean
> Are those $(MFLAGS) really useful?
> I thought they were not because $(MAKE) also had the flags, but I'm not 
> sure anymore...

MFLAGS are the flags that make got on the commandline. The calls above
copy the make call with options.

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