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Re: Timeout of ITP's

On Thu, Sep 25, 2003 at 08:38:53PM +0200, S?ren Boll Overgaard wrote:
> So, my question is, how long should an ITP be allowed to just sit there
> before someone else (in this case myself or anyone else who would be
> interested) can go ahead and "hijack" it? 

Consider ITP's as advisory locks. If you're interested in maintaining
a package then it's useful information on how to avoid work (email the guy,
get whatever he's done so far), or a useful advisory of who might be worth
cooperating with (do the work yourself, upload it, email the guy and offer
to pass along maintainership when he's ready, or co-maintain it if he's

In either case, if you don't get responses, just maintain it yourself. If
you get responses later - even months later - be appreciative of the help.


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