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Limit on the number of users in a group?


	when a group in /etc/group contains over a 100
members, chgrp stops functioning properly when a
numeric group ID is passed as an argument.

	Providing a group name as an argument works correctly
in all cases.
However, when the 100+ member group exists in
/etc/group, providing a numeric group ID as an
argument sends chgrp into an infinite loop eating up
all available resources.

	I have recently upgraded from stable to testing, but
I've only noticed this bug recently, and I am unsure
if it has been there before.

	RedHat has addressed a similar bug in April (see
They have fixed the bug in the RHSA-2003:089-11
advisory (see

	Is this a known bug in Debian? Please, reply all to
this email.

Thank you,

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