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Does anyone remember x48? It's an HP48 CPU emulator. It used to be
packaged for debian, but was orphaned.

In order to do any emulation it needs a ROM, which you can download from
your HP48 over the serial line. You can also get ROMs from [1]. 
"HP graciously began allowing this to be downloaded in mid-2000." [1]
I don't know exactly what this means by way of copyright and/or license,
and I have emailed the webmaster of hpcalc.org to see if he knows any
more details. I imagine ROMs won't be distributable. x48 itself is under
the GPL.

x48 hasn't been maintained for about 4 years now, and didn't work very
well on modern processors when I picked up the source (timing issues).
But Eddie Dost, the original author, has graciously worked with me to
get those issues resolved and it now works like a charm. 

So my question is, is there a problem with creating a package for a fine
but mostly-unmaintained piece of software that does its job, when I
myself have minimal familiarity with the code (or the HP48 processor

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