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Re: Debian should not modify the kernels!

Hi, Herbert Xu wrote:

> George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> wrote:
>> it is faster and wiser to fix your kernel-source-2.4.22 (unpatch is useless, 
>> leave to users to patch if they want) then all other kernel-patch-<whatever> 
>> packages will be fine.
> It is unacceptable for us to distribute kernels with known (security) bugs.

The current problem, which is IPsec 2.5 backported, hardly qualifies as a
known security bug. Fixing security bugs doesn't usually cause patch
conflicts anyway.

IMHO, backporting stuff to 2.4 should be handled much like security
fixes, i.e. minimally and with care. Again IMHO, I don't think IPsec-2.5

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