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Re: Debian provide un-modified source for kernel-patch

also sprach Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> [2003.09.22.0005 +0200]:
> There is a file /usr/src/kernel-patches/all/2.4.22/debian/list whose
> content goes like:
> ---------
> # This file is sorted by patch dependency.  The patch which applies to the
> # upstream kernel must come first.
> patch-2.4.22-1          2.4.22          2.4.22-1
> ---------
> This seem to offer very good path to apply patch to the upstream kernel 
> which must be applied first.  

I am a package maintainer, this has to be done by the user. If
I automate it, I am going to get grave bugs. If I don't, I will get
grave bugs too.

But maybe I should include a note in the package alerting users of
this possibility.

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